About Us

About Us

Established since 2010, Reszon Diagnostics International Sdn. Bhd. (Reszon) develops and manufactures a portfolio of innovative in vitro diagnostics (IVD) rapid test kits and ELISA kits for medical professionals and clinical diagnostic markets worldwide.

Our IVD rapid test kits allow medical professionals to diagnose diseases quickly and accurately for early detection and prevention of diseases. The simple assay procedures plus portability of our rapid test kits make them ideal for use in wide range of settings including remote areas and countries where sophisticated medical diagnostics are not available.

Our Products


To deliver better diagnostics solution to improve better health globally


To be a global leading player in clinical diagnostics market

To produce and deliver top notch quality and cost effective diagnostic test kits

To constantly developing new immunodiagnostic tools with the most practical and innovative approach

Quality Excellence

Our ISO13485 certification ensures that the quality standard of our products is constantly maintained at highest level of integrity.


Our R&D team has professional expertise in various biotechnological areas with extensive experience in respective diagnostic field.


We collaborate with reputable industry leaders and scientists around the world to develop new immunodiagnostic tools in response to market demand.

Customer support

We strive to establish mutual beneficial and long-term customer relationship with our business partners and end-users with unparalleled
customer service and technical support.