Reszon Supported Medical and Health Station Project and Valley of Hope Project by Care & Share Society, 6 Aug 2022, Sungai Buloh

Reszon Supported Medical and Health Station Project and Valley of Hope Project by Care & Share Society, 6 Aug 2022, Sungai Buloh
August 9, 2022 Editorial Reszon

Reszon Diagnostics International Sdn Bhd (Reszon) provided in-kind support to Medical and Health Station project and Valley of Hope project led by Care & Share Society (Pertubuhan Amal Sepakat Sehati) as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to build a caring and healthy nation.

In summary, Reszon Diagnostics sponsored the following creative artworks and signage.

1) Wooden Activity Memo Board
2) Wooden MailBox and Medical and Health Station Signage
3) Road Signage for Valley of Hope (VOH) Story Gallery
4) Road Signage for Valley of Hope (VOH) Art Gallery

Wooden Activity Memo Board

Road Signage for Valley of Hope (VOH) Art Gallery

Wooden MailBox and Medical and Health Station Signage

Road Signage for Valley of Hope (VOH) Story Gallery

Photo credit: Lim Tian Seng

Introduction of The Valley of Hope

The Valley of Hope (The Sungai Buloh Settlement) was established in 1930 and was once the second-largest leprosarium in the world. In the early years, leprosy patients were isolated by force and confined in the Valley of Hope for treatment and where they spent at least 40 years cut off from the outside world. In the 1970s, when the Leprosy Enactment Act was abolished, and with the birth of the modern anti-leprosy drug in the 1980s, the place then opened to “the outside world.

There are currently 98 leprosy survivors left living in the settlement, and their livelihood depends on government funding and donations from the public. Although their living standards have gradually improved, the inmates are getting older and lost the ability to earn a living. This community has also become a population ageing, and they will be the last batch of inmates before leprosy enters history. This plan aims to “revitalize the historical place and create the vitality of indigenous culture.”

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Launching of Medical and Health Station

The launching of Medical and Health Station organized by Care & Share Society was held 6th August 2022 (Saturday) at JKR 314, Central Section, Pusat Kawalan Kusta Negara, Jalan Hospital 47000, Sungai Buloh, Selangor. This launching event was officiated by Dr. Radhiah, Ketua Penolong Pengarah Kanan Hospital Sg Buloh (PKNN) by unveiling the wooden activity memo board that was designed and contributed by Reszon to Medical and Health Station.

Group Photo with Main Sponsor and Organizer

Medical and Health Station Activity Memo Board Unveil

According to the sharing of Care & Share Society, Medical and Health Station is set up with the following purposes:

“Promoting Healthy Living, Indigenous Culture Creation and Regeneration”

“Throughout the years of interaction and communication with the residents, we found that in any community mapping program, the needs of people should be prioritized. This Medical & Health station will be the place where we will gather the residents and conduct several programs related to the holistic health of body, mind, and soul. The activities are designed based on the needs of residents, so the place, the people and the spiritual needs have to be connected. We firmly believe that the key to driving the community engagement project depends on the participation of the residents and hope that this station can introduce the power of community participation. Based on the following community engagement projects, the place is becoming closer to the needs of the residents while creating more humanity, mutual aid, and respectful life of diverse values,” said the founder of Care & Share Society, Ms. Eannee Tan.

Community Engagement Projects by Care & Share Society:

1) ACP – Advance Care Plan
Care & Share Society will work in hand with Kasih Hospice Foundation to provide ACP counselling services for those residents in need, allowing them to pre-select themselves for the desirable various care services for their deathbed. In this way, if they are too ill to express their opinions one day, the medical staff, friends and relatives will know the most desirable way to take care of them.

2) Medical Talk and Healthy Cooking Sharing Sessions
Care & Share Society will hold the medical talks from time to time to provide the professional knowledge in combating various diseases of aging, rehabilitation activities and healthy diet to the residents. We hope that the residents can live a healthy life in their old age.

3) Relax & Wellness Scrape (Gua Sha) Therapy
Care & Share Society will create a comfortable environment for the residents to have a place to relieve their pain and life stress. Through the bi-monthly scraping (gua sha) therapy activities, the volunteers can provide the service of scraping, stretching and foot bath to the inmates to relieve body pain, which can also bring back their memories, listen further and then collect their life stories.

4) Sharing Tea – Sharing of Hearts Program
Venerable Tian Wen will come to the Valley of Hope every Friday to have tea and chat with the residents. The residents are free to share with him their life stories and their spiritual needs. Care & Share Society will also invite the mentors to join them to explore their spiritual needs and the resources they have around them from time to time. These needs are not just health care and therapies but also pay attention to the social and spiritual support needed.

5) The Energy Field of Art and Beauty
Care & Share Society will hold handicraft workshops, painting classes, food tasting sessions, song creation sharing sessions, film sharing sessions etc. now and then to encourage the residents to participate in delicate and gentle artistic actions and trigger positive energy. Care & Share Society is looking forward to driving this positive energy, uniting the entire community and gradually spreading to the benefit of the community.

6) Community Development Program Workshop
Care & Share Society takes mutual awareness and existence of social community as the prerequisite goal. By driving the concept of community building, the society builds up the local consensus and invites other like-minded societies and youths or individuals who involved in Community Development Programs or practitioners from academic fields or those who involved in social responsibility in colleges and universities to join mutual strength together to inspire each other.

“Malaysia should be banking on its diversity to get things done. Then, we are a rich and cheerful nation. Malaysia, let’s put aside out differences and move forward”, said Mr. EL Law, CEO of Reszon.