Salixium: Join rescue efforts for flood victims

Salixium: Join rescue efforts for flood victims
December 23, 2021 Editorial Reszon

Torrential rains in Malaysia have caused severe flooding in Klang area that has driven more than 11,000 people from their homes, closed dozens of roads and disrupted shipping, authorities said on Saturday 18 Dec.

On 21 December, Reszon is donating the Salixium COVID-19 Self-test kits to the flood victim rescue centres at Sri Muda and Alam Megah, Selangor.

“We need the test kits to make sure rescuer are virus free as well as to help combat the spread as several positive cases were reported.” , said by doctor in charge of rescue centre.



28 December 2021

Another batch of aids going out to the flood victims in Mentakab, Pahang.

Lets step up during this crises to help others together. 💪 Stay strong!

Test yourself, protect others!