Construction work comes with another danger: An increased risk of drug abuse

Construction work comes with another danger: An increased risk of drug abuse
October 8, 2019 Editorial Reszon

A new study led by researchers at New York University revealed which careers might push someone to abuse drugs. Researchers from New York University examined almost 300,000 workers in 13 different industries focusing on marijuana, cocaine and opioid use. They discovered construction workers and people in the mining and drilling industries, had higher risks of misusing opioids and painkillers.

The research showed construction workers and miners are much more likely than people in other professions to misuse opioids, cocaine and marijuana.  Construction and extraction workers use prescription opioids more often than all other professions combined. These hard-hat workers also are most likely to use cocaine and second most likely to use marijuana.

Researchers cited job-related injuries as a possible reason workers turn to drugs.

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