Malaria Cases Still at an All Time High in Delhi, India

Malaria Cases Still at an All Time High in Delhi, India
February 12, 2020 Editorial Reszon

According to data from Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), it has been reported that the number of malaria cases in Delhi in September was 368 cases. This was higher than the number of malaria cases in September 2018, which were 308 cases.

In the first week of September, there were 48 malaria cases reported in Delhi, while the last week of September reported 64 cases of malaria. This shows that there is a steady increase of malaria cases in Delhi. It was also projected that the number of malaria cases in Delhi in 2019 will be much higher than 2019, even though 2018 recorded 473 cases of malaria in the city.

This constant increase in malaria cases might be due to public’s lack of information about malaria as authorities reported that at least 106,948 households were found with mosquito-breeding sites. These figures were reported in the middle of the Delhi’s government 10 hafte, 10 baje, 10 minute (10 weeks, 10’o clock, 10 minutes) campaign against mosquito-borne diseases. The government had also set up awareness camps against malaria to further educate the public.

Malaria is caused by five species of Plasmodium parasites, but only P. falciparum and P. vivax poses the greatest threat. Early symptoms of malaria include fever and headache, but it can lead to death if it progresses to severe illness. It is usually transmitted by bites of female Anopheles mosquitoes.

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