Reoccurring and Prognosis of Malaria

Reoccurring and Prognosis of Malaria
December 18, 2017 Editorial Reszon

Can malaria reoccur after treatment?

  • P. vivax and P. ovale can hibernate in the liver and cause relapsing disease weeks or months after the patient is symptom free

What is the prognosis of malaria?

  • If diagnosed early and if the appropriate antibiotics are available and used, the prognosis of malaria is very good.
  • Worldwide, malaria is responsible for over 400,000 deaths per year. The majority of victims are young children from sub-Saharan Africa. Death is usually due to lack of available treatment or access to treatment.
  • falciparum tends to be the species causing the most complications and has a high mortality if untreated.
  • Cerebral malaria, a complication of P. falciparum malaria, has a 20% mortality rate even if treated.

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