People living with Elephantiasis are often stigmatized

People living with Elephantiasis are often stigmatized
March 8, 2023 Editorial Reszon

Lymphatic filariasis is one of the 20 diverse neglected tropical diseases (NTD) affecting more than 120 million people in 72 countries in Asia, Africa, the Western Pacific, parts of the Caribbean, and South America.

People living with lymphatic filariasis (LF), commonly known as elephantiasis, are often stigmatized due to the visible and disfiguring symptoms of the disease. LF is a parasitic infection transmitted by mosquitoes and can lead to severe swelling and enlargement of the limbs, genitals, and breasts.

The visible symptoms of the disease can lead to social exclusion and discrimination, with affected individuals often being shunned by their communities and even their families. The stigma associated with elephantiasis can also impact mental health, with affected individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, and feelings of shame and isolation.


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