Rising Dengue Cases in Africa

Rising Dengue Cases in Africa
December 3, 2017 Editorial Reszon

Between 28 September and 17 November 2017, #Senegal reported 724 dengue cases, 115 of which are confirmed. DENV 1 is the circulating serotype. Out of the 115 confirmed cases, 104 cases have been reported from #Louga District.

In 2017, as of 11 November, Burkina Faso has reported 12 087 suspected cases, including 7 418 probable cases (positive for dengue rapid diagnostic test). 24 deaths have occurred (CFR: 0.2%). This is an increase of 7 989 suspected cases and 13 deaths since the previous report on 27 October.

Death due to Dengue can be avoided with proper diagnosis, accurate and fast screening by using Reszon Dengue Rapid IgG/IgM Test.


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) (1 December 2017). Communicable disease threats report, 26 November – 2 December 2017, week 48. Accessed on 3 December 2017


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